People are complaining that Apple's big new iPhone update is filled with bugs

People are complaining that Apple's big new iPhone update is filled with bugs

People are complaining that Apple's big new iPhone update is filled with bugsBrittany Hosea-Small/Getty Images

  • Many users have reported bugs with iOS 13, Apple's new iPhone operating system that launched on Thursday.
  • The company is planning to move its iOS 13.1 software update, which is expected to include bug fixes, up to September 24 even though it was originally scheduled to launch six days later.
  • Some users have complained about bugs impacting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the keyboard, among other system elements.
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Apple just publicly released its new iPhone update on Thursday, which brings additions like an optional system-wide dark theme, a Street View-like feature for Apple Maps, and new privacy-oriented features. It also, however, has introduced many bugs to the iPhone owners who have installed it so far.

In the hours following the launch of iOS 13 users have complained about a variety of glitches that impact elements such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the on-screen keyboard. More critically, the software shipped with a flaw that when exploited could allow an intruder to bypass the lockscreen and access a user's contacts, as CNN Business and Ars Technica reported.

Apple will be shipping a software update called iOS 13.1 on September 24 to address this flaw as well as other general bugs, which outlets such as The Verge and ZDNet reported on Thursday. It'll also bring new features that were originally announced as being part of iOS 13, including the ability to share an ETA from Maps and audio sharing.

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Apple did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.


It's not uncommon for new operating-system updates to come with a few minor bugs. Apple typically releases a smaller update following each major iOS system update to patch general bugs, but it's unusual for the company to move up such a release in this way.

That's why it can be wise to wait a couple of days before installing the latest update. But that doesn't mean you should avoid updating entirely - software updates usually introduce important security big fixes, which can be critical to keeping your device safe.

It's not the first time Apple has come under criticism for launching software that's noticeably impacted the user experience. When iOS 8.0.1 launched back in 2014 - a small update that was meant to be a follow-up to iOS 8 - many users reported that their cellular connection had been disabled and encountered issues with Touch ID.

People are complaining that Apple's big new iPhone update is filled with bugs


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