Vidhan Sabha Election Results 2019: Kamthi, Ramtek, Katol, Savner, Hingna and Umred candidate Name and results

Kamthi, Ramtek, Katol, Savner, Hingna and Umred candidate Name and Election dateBCCL
Maharashtra’s Ramtek Lok Sabha constituency comprises of six Vidhan Sabha seats including Kamthi, Ramtek, Katol, Savner, Hingna, and Umred. The last seat namely Umred is earmarked for the Scheduled tribes. All the other constituencies are general ones.

Krupal Balaji Tumane of the SHS party is the winner during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He became the MP for the Ramtek constituency by scoring 175,791 votes more than the INC candidate Mukul Wasnik.

In the 2014 general elections for the Lok Sabha, Kamthi constituency electors chose BJP’s Chandrashekhar Krushnrao Bawankule as their MP by giving him 40002 more votes than the next candidate Rajendra Bhausaheb Mulak who represented INC. from the Ramtek seat, Reddy Dwaram Mallikarjun Ramreddy of BJP scored 12081 votes more than the SHS runner up candidate Ashish Nandkishore Jaiswal (Vakil) and won this seat. From the Katol seat, Dr Ashish Deshmukh of the BJP secured 5557 votes more than Anil Deshmukh of NCP and became the MP for this constituency. Savner seat winner was Kedar Sunil Chhatrapal of INC who got 9209 votes more than Vinod Bapuraoji Jivtode (Guruji) of the SHS party. From the Hingna seat, Meghe Sameer Dattatraya of BJP secured 23158 votes more than the NCP contestant Bang Rameshchandra Gopikisan and won this constituency. The winner from the Umred (SC) constituency is BJP’s Parwe Sudhir Laxman who secured 58322 votes more than BSP candidate Bansod Rukshadas Mokasrao.


For the upcoming assembly elections, BJP is fielding Samir Meghe from the Hingna seat. The Savner constituency contestants for INC is Sunil Chhatrapal Kedar who will take on BJP’s Rajiv Potdar. Raju Devnath Parwe is fielded by the INC from the Umred constituency against the BJP candidate Sudhir Parwe.

The election date for the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha is October 21, 2019. The votes polled will be counted on October 24, 2019.