Read a job application from Steve Jobs from 3 years before he cofounded Apple

Read a job application from Steve Jobs from 3 years before he cofounded Apple

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  • A job application from an 18-year-old Steve Jobs is up for auction.
  • He listed "electronics tech" and "design engineer" as his interests. He misspelled "Hewlett-Packard."

Everyone has to start somewhere.

In 1973, legendary entrepreneur and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs needed a job. He had just dropped out of Reed College, and he was still three years away from founding Apple and changing the computer industry forever.


Also, the 18-year-old needed a ride. He said his access to transportation was "possible, but not probable" in a job application that is currently up for auction at RRAuction.

Jobs listed "computer" and "calculator" as his skills, and he also said his abilities and interests include "electronics tech or design engineer."

And the inventor of the iPhone didn't even have a phone at the time.


Check out the entire job application:

Three years after he filed this paperwork, Jobs would team up with Steve Wozniak to found Apple and release the Apple I computer, which was an instant success. That led to the Apple II, which led to the Macintosh, which led, decades later, to the iPhone - a version of which you may be reading this story on right now.


Before Apple, Jobs traveled to India and also spent some time on a commune in Oregon, all of which sounds a lot more eventful that punching the clock working on "computer" and "calculator" as a teenager.

The rest is history.

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