Samsung launches Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A10 in India — Check price and features

Samsung launches Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A10 in India — Check price and features

  • The Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 are launching in India today.
  • The Galaxy A30 will cost ₹16,990 while the Galaxy A50 is priced at ₹19,990.
  • The devices fall into the ‘budget’ category of phones where they will face intense competition against Xiaomi and Honor devices.
The Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 were unveiled earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 and now they’re pegged to launch in India today.

There are also rumours that there is going to be cheaper version of the device, the Galaxy A10, that will also be launched alongside the other two Galaxy phones.

It’s expected that the Galaxy A10 will be priced less that ₹15,000. The prices for the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 were revealed earlier today. The price of the former is pegged at ₹16,990 while the latter costs ₹19,990.
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Considering that Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 7 Pro earlier today and the most expensive version of the device costs ₹16,990 — it will be interesting to see how the Samsung phone measures up against Xiaomi’s budget offering.

Does Samsung have the upper hand?


Samsung may not have Xiaomi’s 48-megapixel camera but they are offering triple rear-camera setup where as Xiaomi only has two cameras.

One could argue that more megapixels could results in better image quality — though that’s not necessarily true — having more cameras on board has the added benefit of wide angle shots and better low-light photography.

But the performance of the triple cameras depends on three main parameters — the bill of materials since that increases costs, calibration between the cameras and, of course, the firmware and algorithms that decide the camera’s efficacy.

Samsung A50 has a 25 megapixel primary camera at the helm with a 5 megapixel depth sensor backing it up and a 8 megapixel ultra-wide sensor.

As a result, since the process is more complex — it may also have a bearing on the device’s battery life simply because more processes means more power consumption.

The other selling point of the Samsung Galaxy devices, both the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, is their in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

As Xiaomi pointed out at their launch today morning, the market share gap between the South Korean company and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been growing with Xiaomi leading the smartphone market in India for 6 consecutive quarters.

It’s difficult to gauge how the Samsung devices will perform in the market since they’re certainly not the cheapest offerings, they still prefer their custom user interface rather than shifting to stock android and users in India seem to preferring Chinese brands over Samsung.

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