A woman said she achieved a 'natural fake tan' by eating 3 carrots a day. But a dietician cautioned against overconsumption, suggesting self-tanner instead.

A woman said she achieved a 'natural fake tan' by eating 3 carrots a day. But a dietician cautioned against overconsumption, suggesting self-tanner instead.
Isabelle Lux has gone viral on TikTok sharing the unorthodox beauty hack.tiktok.com/@isabelle.lux
  • Beauty and wellness TikToker Isabelle Lux went viral saying eating 3 carrots daily has made her tan.
  • Lux used to eat 10 carrots per day, but was told by her doctor to cut back after getting "really sick."

A TikToker who said she was able to achieve a "natural fake tan" by eating three large carrots daily for years has gone viral for the unorthodox beauty hack.

And while a dietician confirmed to Insider that eating lots of carrots can make you tan, she cautioned against "overconsumption" of the vegetable, suggesting those seeking a glow might be better served by self-tanning lotion.

In July, @Isabelle.Lux shared that she's been eating three large carrots daily for several years, which had changed the "natural undertone" of her skin — causing her to glow, as she put it, "from the inside out."

Lux's two videos on the matter garnered a combined 6.6 million views, but the 32-year-old beauty and wellness influencer later clarified in an August video she didn't actually start eating carrots to get tan. She was simply "obsessed" with the vegetable, she said.

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"I've loved carrots since high school, which is when my skin tone changed," Lux told Insider. "I didn't realize it at the time because I was doing a lot of spray tanning. It took me 10 years later to realize my palms were always on the orange side and my skin tone had changed to a more yellow glowing shade than my natural very pale pink/blue tone."


At one point, Lux said her obsession resulted in medical intervention. She said on TikTok that eating 10 carrots per day had made her "really sick" with "vitamin A poisoning," whereupon her doctor told her to limit her daily intake to three. "Too much is too much," she said.

Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), told Insider that while eating "bunches" of carrots can lend an "orange-like tan," overconsumption should be avoided.

While eating carrots on a "regular basis" provides vitamin A (for healthy eyes and skin), carotenoids (for immune system support), and fiber, Taub-Dix warned that "overconsumption of carrots may cause vitamin A toxicity, gastrointestinal discomfort, and skin discoloration, known as carotenemia."

"Just like any other food — just because it's good for us, doesn't mean we should binge on it," Taub-Dix said, noting a cup of chopped, raw carrots provides about 430% of the recommended daily value for vitamin A.

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Lux's tanning hack was also amplified by a self-described nutritionist Maria Marlowe, who goes by @glowbymarlowe on TikTok, in a video last week with 15.1 million views.


Marlowe noted that in addition to tanning, eating carrots daily for weeks "helps to protect your skin from UV rays." She also cited a 2009 study that claimed that a "carotenoid tan" was more attractive to the opposite sex.

"It's important to eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit in a rainbow of colors," Marlowe told Insider.

"The beta carotene in carrots is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the skin from damage," Taub-Dix said, concurring with Marlowe's former assertion, while still cautioning against excessive consumption.

"As far as attracting the opposite sex," Taub-Dix said, "if someone's favorite color is orange, that could be an interesting tactic! Otherwise, I'd look for someone who's attracted to you for more important reasons."