Second Home is doubling the size of its unique East London startup space and is building a 'huge indoor lake'


Second Home cofounders

Second Home

Second Home founders Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton.

Second Home, a quirky east London office space home to a curated collection of tech companies, investors, and novelists, has confirmed to Business Insider that it is taking over the rest of the building it's in, doubling the size of the premises in the process.

The two new floors are expected to be even stranger than the current ones, with floor-to-ceiling trees and a vast pond taking up much of the entire top floor.

All of Second Home's private studios were snapped up before it opened in November 2014 - leaving what the company describes as a "lengthy waiting list."


But the expansion, due to be finished in early 2016, means that Second Home will once again be able to start accepting new companies.

Second Home has a reputation in London for being the "coolest" startup space in town. Current members include well-known venture capitalist Saul Klein, Kovert Designs founder Kate Unsworth, and Google Ventures partner Tom Hulme.

The space was cofounded by Rohan Silva, the former senior policy advisor to David Cameron who left government in 2013, and entrepreneur Sam Aldenton.