You can now use Spotify Premium for 3 months before deciding whether or not to pay for it

  • Spotify Premium is now offering the first 3 months for free across plans for eligible users.
  • Earlier, Spotify offered 30-days trial premium membership.
  • In a country like India, where consumers are sensitive to price, Spotify may hope that longer free trial may gain more subscribers.
Spotify is trying to woo more and more consumers globally by offering the first three months of its premium membership for free — and they can avail it at any time. Spotify already had an offer to provide 30-days trial premium membership.

For the company, it’s a permanent change in their business model where they want more users to experience the music streaming service before deciding to invest.

"Music and podcasts play an important role in people's lives, so we wanted to give users the first three months for free to fully enjoy everything that Spotify Premium has to offer," said Spotify Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström.


In a country like India, where consumers are sensitive to price, employing such a strategy could lead to more users converting from the free model of Spotify to the ad-free paid service.

The first three months of free membership will allow users to access the service before deciding to whether or not it’s worth the money.

Previously, Spotify India said the company had garnered 2 million active users in a month. According to Amarjit Singh Batra, Spotify is now among the top three music consumption in India, reported Your Story.


Spotify also localised its pricing model before launching the music streaming app in India. A Spotify premium membership is 80% cheaper in India than in the US.

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