Instagram is working on an editing tool Scene which mimics TikTok

Instagram is working on an editing tool Scene which mimics TikTok
  • Instagram is working on “Scenes”, a new editing tool for Instagram stories.
  • The new feature will allow users to put recorded snippets in one video, add background music, adjust speed and length of the video among others.
  • A lot of Scene’s features look similar to that of the short form video app Tik Tok
Instagram is working on a new video editing tool for stories that appears to be a lot similar to Tik Tok.

The tool called Scene, previously known as Clips, will allow users to post videos stories that are recorded in bits and pieces. The video editing tool will also allow let users add background music, resize length and adjust the speed of the video.

The new editing tool seems to mirror Tik Tok — a popular video app platform with a billion downloads.

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Instagram’s new feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong a 23 year old ‘reverse’ engineer from Hong Kong who exposes hidden app features of social media giants.

According to Wong, Scene will allow users to remix videos by adding clips from public account, similar to Tik Tok’s duet.

It is not uncommon for Instagram to copy other social media apps. It previously mimicked Snapchat’s story format. According to TechCrunch, half Instagram’s 1 billion users use Instagram story every day after it rolled out the feature.

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