Here are the most awaited WhatsApp features that are expected to arrive soon on the app

Here are the most awaited WhatsApp features that are expected to arrive soon on the app
Here's a roundup of some of the most awaited WhatsApp features.Unsplash
  • WhatsApp has several features in testing and it’s expected to release them soon.
  • It includes features such as communities, message reactions and Android to iOS chat transfer.
  • We’ve rounded up some of the most awaited WhatsApp features.
WhatsApp has been testing several features that it is yet to release. While it has already released major features in 2021 such as calls on desktop, chat transfer from iOS to Android, disappearing photos and videos, there are still a couple of important ones in testing.

WhatsApp has been working on communities which is a larger group for WhatsApp groups. We might also get message reactions soon, a feature similar to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook emoji reactions. WhatsApp is also expected to enable chat transfer for iOS to Android soon.

Here’s a more detailed look at the most awaited WhatsApp features.


Communities on WhatsApp will work as one parent group for WhatsApp groups. It will let users club various WhatsApp groups together in one community, according to WABetaInfo. You will be able to link up to 10 groups under one WhatsApp community. The purpose of this is to make announcements or pass information to multiple groups of similar interests through one community. It can be compared to Telegram channels which also has a similar way of broadcasting messages to groups of channels.

Message reactions

At present, you can only reply to messages but a more interactive feature would be reacting to messages. WhatsApp is working on emoji reactions to messages in chats, similar to what is already available on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to react to messages with a set of emojis and you will also be able to see who reacted with which emoji.

Android to iOS chat transfer

WhatsApp users can finally transfer chats between Android and iOS devices, something that has been highly requested for years. But the ability to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS devices is still not available. WhatsApp was found working on this feature, and it’s expected to roll out soon.

WhatsApp Business search tools

WhatsApp continues to work on its business platform. A new feature that will give more visibility to businesses on WhatsApp is search filters. In addition to photos, videos, you will see search shortcuts for restaurants, grocery stores, apparel and clothing to easily search for businesses on WhatsApp. These filters will appear in the search tool on WhatsApp.

More control for admins

WhatsApp group chat admins already have a lot of control over how the groups should function. WhatsApp is planning to give more control to group admins with the ability to delete any message sent by participants. Messages deleted by group admins will be made clear in the group chat just like how WhatsApp’s delete feature works. WhatsApp is testing the feature with no confirmed launch timeline yet.

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