YouTube Music users can now share songs on Snapchat

YouTube Music users can now share songs on Snapchat
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Snapchat sharing for YouTube Music was enabled on iOS in October and now a new report has claimed that it is available on Android.

The first indication that YouTube Music might be able to share songs to Instagram and Snapchat emerged in November of 2020, reports 9To5Google.

When you open the share sheet in YouTube Music for Android and tap Snapchat, you will be able to send whatever you are listening to on Snapchat. The artwork for the album, the artist's name, the app logo, and a link to listen to the music are all included.

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Snapchat has also started rolling out a new feature to let users share their real-time location for 15 minutes or a few hours with friends.

The feature is supposed to be a temporary buddy system while friends and family are on the way home or elsewhere.


"Make sure you and your friends get home safely with temporary location-sharing," Snapchat posted in a tweet late on Friday.

The feature is similar to the Find My app on iOS, where users who've opted in can see and share precise location.

Snapchat has 319 million daily active users (DAUs) -- a 20 per cent growth (on-year). The instant messaging platform Snapchat has crossed 100 million monthly users in India.

Snapchat has temporarily disabled its heat map of Snaps in Ukraine. Russia could have used the information to identify areas where Ukrainians are concentrated.