Microsoft Teams just hit 20 million daily active users, beating its rival Slack once again

Satya Nadella


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

  • On Tuesday, Microsoft announced its workplace messaging and collaboration app Teams has hit 20 million daily active users.
  • Its rival Slack announced in October that it has 12 million daily active users - but emphasized how much time users spend on its app, indicating how much people actually like using it.
  • Microsoft offers Teams as part of its Office 365 business cloud productivity suite, which is a major advantage as it has many long-time enterprise customers.
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Microsoft announced Tuesday that Teams, its workplace messaging and collaboration app, has hit 20 million daily active users - again one-upping its rival Slack.

Microsoft says it saw more than a 50% increase in usage of its Teams platform since July, when it announced that it had 13 million daily active users. Microsoft bundles Teams in with its Office 365 productivity suite for business, which analysts have said is a major advantage that could make it more difficult for Slack to compete.Advertisement

In comparison, Slack announced in October that it has 12 million daily active users, at the same time highlighting that that users spend over nine hours a day connected to the service, and 90 minutes a day actively using the app - showing, in the company's view, that users actually enjoy using the app to get work done.

The competition between the two has proven contentious: On-stage at a recent talk, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that Microsoft has been "surprisingly unsportsmanlike" as a business rival, and leans on the popularity of Office 365 to push Teams over the top.

Besides messaging, Teams customers have participated in over 27 million voice or video meetings and performed over 200 million open, edit, or download actions on files stored in the service, Microsoft said. Last week, Microsoft and Salesforce also announced an integration for Teams with Salesforce's Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products.

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