How to withdraw cash from ATM without debit card

The popularity of online wallets and UPI apps has made payments quick and easy. Customers no longer have to worry about carrying cash or debit cards with them while going out. However, there are still many places that do not accept online payments and require cash.

If you are in need of cash and do not have your debit card with you, there is still a way how you can get cash. Banks like SBI and ICICI allow users to easily withdraw cash without a debit card.

Customers can also use PhonePe to withdraw cash from any bank account.


How to withdraw cash from ATM without debit card

State Bank of India customers

If you are a State Bank of India user, you can withdraw cash by following the below steps:

  • Download and install the YONO app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Enter your MPIN.
  • Open the app and enter your account details to login.
  • Now, open the app and click on ‘YONO Cash’.
  • Then, click on ‘ATM’.

  • Now, enter the amount and click on ‘Next’.
  • Enter a six-digit YONO Cash Pin of your choice and click on ‘Next’.
  • Click on ‘I agree’ and then click on ‘Confirm’.
You will receive a YONO Cash transaction number. You will also be able to see SBI ATMs that support YONO Cash once you have initiated the transaction.

  • Go to an eligible SBI ATM and select ‘Card Less Transaction’.
  • Now, enter your six-digit YONO Cash transaction number and the six-digit PIN.
ICICI Bank customers

  • Download the iMobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Click on ‘Services’ at the bottom.
  • Now, click on ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.
  • Now, enter the amount and a four-digit PIN of your choice.
  • Then, click on ‘Submit’.
  • Confirm the details and click on ‘Submit’.
  • You will receive an OTP.
  • Go to an ICICI Bank ATM and select ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.
  • Then, enter your mobile number and four-digit PIN.

Customers of all banks can use the PhonePe app to withdraw cash from their account. For this, you can use the PhonePe ATM service.


  • Open the PhonePe app.
  • Click on ‘Stores’.
  • Now, click on ‘PhonePe ATM’.
  • Select a store and click on ‘Withdraw Cash’.

  • Enter the amount and select the bank account from which you want to debit the money.
  • Now, click on ‘Pay to Withdraw’ and enter your PIN.
  • Then, go to the store and collect your cash.
  • Once you’ve collected the cash, click on ‘I’ve got cash’
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