From Royal Enfield to Reliance Industries – Nadella lists out how Indian companies are using Microsoft products

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on a three-day visit to India to share his vision of the future of technology. Indian CEOs are Nadella’s primary audience and he has fireside chats lined up to deliberate on how technology will shape the world in the years to come.

Nadella could also meet PM Narendra Modi, and interestingly, his visit coincides with that of Trump, who arrived in India just a few hours ago.

During the opening keynote at the Future Decoded CEO Summit, 2020, Nadella listed out how Indian companies are using Microsoft products to streamline their businesses. Here’s a quick snapshot of what he said:


Piramal Glass implements RTMI

Piramal Glass, one of the leading manufacturers of glass packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the beverage industry started implementing Real Time Manufacturing Insights (RTMI). The company has used IoT sensors in its production line to get a feedback loop for quality control.

IoT sensors are connected to the cloud; and alerts are sent via SMS, email, and push notifications when an anomaly is detected, or the production efficiency drops.

Reliance Industries uses Microsoft products across industries

Reliance Industries is using Microsoft’s products to develop its platforms from diverse industries like network to retail. The company is using Azure Cloud in their own data centres for developing stack, LinkedIn for improving learning, hiring practices and more.


Apollo Hospitals is using AI and ML develop a localised cardiac risk score

Apollo Hospitals has teamed up with Microsoft to use machine learning for developing artificial intelligence powered cardiovascular disease risk score. This has helped Apollo Hospitals develop a non-biased cardiac risk score for Indian population.

Apollo Hospital’s senior consultant for interventional cardiology, Dr Shiv Kumar has said that this score is twice as accurate as the existing models.

State Bank of India builds a frontline sales app

After two employees of SBI’s Trivandrum branch took the initiative to build a Power app to help their frontline salespeople, State Bank of India has rolled out this application to more than 200 branches.


Myntra uses Azure for supply chain management

Fashion and lifestyle portal Myntra has migrated to Azure for all its functions – from supply chain management to site capabilities. By centralizing its data platform, Myntra is applying advanced analytics and machine learning to understand customer preferences and provide personalized products and marketing.

Myntra is also using Microsoft Power BI to allow its employees to act on real time feedback to provide a better customer experience.

InMobi uses Azure to get a 360-degree view of customers

Bengaluru based enterprise platform provider InMobi partnered with Microsoft to use Azure as the company’s preferred cloud provider. The company via its InMobi Marketing Cloud enables marketers get a 360-degree view of customers.


The insights will help design customer journey; analyses and acts on customer feedback across channels.

Udaan uses Azure for a lean engineering setup

Udaan, which is one of India’s largest online B2B marketplace, has been running on the Azure platform since the beginning. The company’s co-founder, Amod Malviya, credits Azure for allowing the company to have an extremely lean engineering setup.

Project HAMS uses camera sensors to ensure driver safety

Indian cab aggregator is currently looking to implement Microsoft’s Project HAMS (Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety). Project HAMS uses a smartphone’s rear camera, selfie camera and accelerometer to ensure that the driver is driving safely. The company may also use this to decide whether to lease a car to someone or not.


Eros Now uses AI to learn how its users interact

Eros Now has built its media production facility on Azure. The company is also using AI to change how users interact and improve voice search for video content. Eros has also created an engine to offer personalized recommendations to users.

Narayana Health uses Power BI to optimize its costs

The Narayana Health group is using analytics tools like Power BI dashboards to get real-time financial information from its hospitals. It also uses these tools to monitor and analyse nurse hours, daily.

Power BI tools have also helped in optimizing costs for reducing turn-around time for labs, monitoring costs of consumables, predicting blood requirement and overall reduction in costs to patients.


Royal Enfield uses Dynamics 365 to maintain service histories and job cards

Royal Enfield has used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to implement a Dealer Management System that allows the salesmen to maintain a customer’s profile. A similar system is used at service centres to view service histories and create new job cards for vehicles.

Eureka Forbes uses Dynamics 365 for marketing

Water purifier Eureka Forbes implemented Dynamics 365 in the back end to provide digital leads and customer insights to salespeople. The company uses a cloud-based SaaS model for front-end apps that allow the salespeople to access the water quality of a particular area and select the right product to sell.

Novartis India, Sterlite Power and Genpact have been using LinkedIn to improve learning, recruiting and marketing practices in the companies. Mindtree and Mahindra Group are using Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration within the organisations.


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