Nintendo is reportedly releasing a new and improved Switch console this year - here's everything we know

Nintendo is reportedly releasing a new and improved Switch console this year - here's everything we know
  • Nintendo will reveal a new version of the Nintendo Switch this year, according to Bloomberg.
  • The new Switch will produce higher resolution 4K visuals, and has a larger screen, the report said.
  • The console could reportedly be available by later this year.

Nintendo's got a more powerful version of its wildly popular Switch console, and it's set to debut this year, according to a new Bloomberg report.

The new Switch model is capable of producing 4K visuals on a TV, according to the report, and has a larger screen that uses OLED technology.

Moreover, it could be available as soon as this fall: Manufacturers are reportedly scheduled to begin production this July. According to the report, Nintendo is working with Samsung to source the OLED screens that will go into the new version of the Switch.

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Currently, there are two models of Nintendo Switch: The original version that launched in March 2017, and a less expensive Switch "Lite" that launched in September 2019. Both consoles have sold briskly since launch - as of December 31, 2020, just shy of 80 million Nintendo Switch units have been sold, according to Nintendo.

Nintendo is reportedly releasing a new and improved Switch console this year - here's everything we know
The original Nintendo Switch.Julian Stratenschulte / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

Rumors of a new, more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch have been circulating for years.


Initially, those rumors were paired with word of a less expensive, handheld-only version of the Switch. That eventually came to fruition as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Thus far, Nintendo hasn't confirmed the existence or development of a more powerful Switch - a Switch "Pro" model, if you will. Both Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furakawa and Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser have said the Nintendo Switch, as a platform, is "at the midpoint" of its life cycle, which leaves the door open for new versions of the popular console.

One thing is clear: It's unlikely that a more powerful Switch would power games that couldn't run on the original Switch that launched in 2017.

Nintendo has a vested interest in catering to its massive market of Switch owners, and the company's leadership has repeatedly said it expects several more years of life for the Switch as an overall platform.

Given that it's been two years since the last iteration of the Switch, and Nintendo's now competing with graphical powerhouses from Sony and Microsoft, 2021 would be a smart time for Nintendo to launch a more powerful version of its very popular console.


Nintendo representatives did not respond to a request for comment as of publishing.

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