Smart Downloads to Play Something - Netflix features you should know about

Smart Downloads to Play Something - Netflix features you should know about
Netflix features you should know about.Unsplash
  • Netflix offers a couple of features and tools that can help your binge watching experience better.
  • Some of these features are new while others have existed for a while.
  • These tools and features can help casual, new or even resident binge watchers.
Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It’s the one app we turn to for binge watching, checking out new series and more. The streaming service offers a plethora of content, and is easily accessible on different kinds of devices. But there are some features or tools of Netflix that you may not be aware of.
Netflix regularly introduces new features to help improve the in-app experience. It also has a couple of tools and features that have existed for a long time. So if you’re a casual or new user or even a binge watcher, these are some Netflix tools and features you should know about.

Smart Downloads

This feature is very helpful for those watching series on Netflix. If you turn on Smart Downloads then the completed episodes of a series will be deleted and replaced with the next episodes. This way you won’t have to go back and manually download the episodes of the series and you can jump back right in whenever you want. Smart Downloads however works only on Wi-Fi and not with mobile data.

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Smart Downloads to Play Something - Netflix features you should know about
This feature downloads the next episodes and deletes the ones completed.Netflix

Downloads for You

Bored? Try ‘Downloads for You’. This feature will automatically download a selection of movies and shows which Netflix thinks might interest you. It can be helpful if you don’t know what to watch and you don’t have to browse through the Netflix library. Downloads for You also take place only through a Wi-Fi connection.

Play Something

Still bored? You can try ‘Play Something’ that plays random series or movies. The Play Something feature is available on the Netflix app on mobile devices as well as on TV. Netflix plays series or movies at random but it won’t play something entirely different from what you watch. So if you’re very bored and can’t decide what to watch, this feature may just come in handy.
Smart Downloads to Play Something - Netflix features you should know about
Netflix's Play Something feature plays random series or movies.Netflix

Customise subtitles

It’s almost impossible to watch something without subtitles even if the audio isn’t in a foreign language. The default subtitle layout is already good enough but if you’re not happy then you can change the text font, colour and size. You can do this by going to your account settings, scrolling down to ‘Profiles’, and choosing ‘Subtitle Appearance’.

Disable autoplay


If you’re not a fan of autoplay then there is an option to disable the feature. Netflix auto plays the next episode in a series and it also auto plays previews while browsing the library. You can disable both of these features from the ‘Manage Profiles’ section by simply unchecking both boxes.

Save data while binge watching

Streaming consumes tons of data and that’s not good especially if you’re using your mobile data. But there is a data saver feature on Netflix that you can turn on from the app’s setting. Netflix will then balance the data usage and video quality. The company says that with this feature turned on you can watch about four hours per GB of data.


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