You can get a free Hulu subscription with Spotify, but only if you're a college student - here's what you need to know

You can get a free Hulu subscription with Spotify, but only if you're a college student - here's what you need to know

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To get Hulu with Spotify, you'll need to be a college student.

  • You can get Hulu with Spotify - along with Showtime - for $4.99 per month with a subscription to Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu.
  • To take advantage of this deal, there are several requirements: You need to be a current college student, and you can't have an existing Hulu (No Ads) subscription.
  • The two companies previously offered a promotion that allowed any Spotify Premium users to subscribe to Hulu for no cost, but that offer has since expired.
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Spotify occasionally runs promotional deals, which make a subscription to the music service more attractive to subscribers.
In the summer of 2019, for a limited time, Spotify Premium subscribers could get a Hulu subscription at no additional cost. That offer expired in June, and it's no longer possible to sign up for this combination plan.
Instead, it's now possible for students to get both Hulu and Showtime included in their Spotify Premium subscription. However, there are a number of caveats to the deal that you should keep in mind.

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Hulu Basic Subscription (From $5.99 per month at Hulu)

How to get Hulu and Showtime with Spotify

If you're eligible for a Spotify Premium for Students subscription, you can get Spotify, Hulu's ad-supported plan, and Showtime for $4.99 per month.

To get the deal, apply for Spotify Premium for Students.

To qualify for the deal, you need to be "enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university, and above the age of 18," according to Spotify. You'll need to log in to apply for the deal using your college or university's portal, or upload a proof of enrollment when completing the online form. This can be a student ID, transcript, or enrollment letter.

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You need to provide proof of student status when you sign up for the deal.

Also, in order to get the Hulu and Showtime subscriptions included, you need to meet these criteria:
  • You can't currently be subscribed to Hulu (No Ads). If you have the No Ads version of Hulu, you need to change to the ad supported plan and wait for the billing cycle to end before attempting to get the Spotify deal. Or you can make a new Hulu account.
  • You can't have any Hulu add-ons like Showtime or HBO. If you want to use your existing Hulu account, you'll need to drop these add-ons before proceeding.
  • You need to pay for Hulu directly, and not be billed though a service like Roku. If you're subscribed to Hulu through Roku, you'll need to cancel that subscription before proceeding.

For more details on how you'll be billed and when, you should check out Spotify's official page on the Student deal.

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