The Ex-Boyfriend Of Billionaire Investor Vinod Khosla's Daughter Has Been Charged With Threatening To Publish Naked Photos Of Her


nina khosla

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Nina Khosla received threatening texts and emails an an alleged extortion plot.

Douglas Tarlow, a 27-year-old who dated the daughter of billionaire investor Vinod Khosla, has been charged with extortion.


Khosla is the founder of Sun Microsystems and venture capital firm Khosla Ventures, and he is worth an estimated $1.5 billion. Tarlow and his daughter, Nina, dated from 2008 - 2010 while they were students at Stanford University. During that time, Nina sent him naked photos and videos via text or instant message, which Tarlow allegedly threatened to make public if the Khoslas didn't pay him off. The Smoking Gun obtained the affidavit; we first saw the news on Valleywag.

According to the March 3 court filing, Tarlow was employed by Nina's mother Neera's non-profit and was promised a salary of $125,000. He was fired in early 2012. In mid-2012, Tarlow allegedly complained that he was owed more money by the company and started making threats. That's when the extortion seems to have started.

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doug tarlow

The Smoking Gun

Douglas Tarlow, the ex-boyfriend of Nina Khosla, was arrested last week.

From the affadavit:

"On September 3, 2012, [victim] received a series of text messages ... At Approximately 5:12 PM, the victim received a text message containing one nude photograph that she provided to Tarlow during their relationship. Almost immediately following the receipt of the photographs at 5:12 PM, victim received the following text messages: 'Did you give out my #!?' and 'Shall I call you Paris [Hilton]?'"


Two hours later, Nina Khosla allegedly received three more nude pictures of herself with the following message: "Expect to see those online in 24 hours. f--- you."

A few days later, Tarlow allegedly emailed the Khoslas stating that the company still owed him $72,000.

In October, with the issues still not resolved, Nina Khosla received the following texts from an unknown number.

"Hey paris, playboy or penthouse?...Either way, and I mean this for real. please don't try to commit suicide." [all sic]


An anonymous email soon followed with the message:

"Everything is going to reddit. From there, it will be impossible to remove from the internet forever. Go find some blad and talk about how it feels so sharp on your skin you f---ing c--t. F--- YOU."

Tarlow told Khosla the messages weren't sent by him. The Khoslas contacted the FBI, which allegedly found a number of alleged links between the messages and Tarlow. The investigator wrote in a federal court affidavit, "Notably, Tarlow was the subscriber of the Internet account used to send all four [anonymous] messages threatening to release the photographs" and "there is probable cause to believe that Tarlow was the sole communicator of all messages to [the victim] and her family."

Tarlow was arrested last week, the Smoking Gun says.