The Next 'Megatrend' In Startups


Social commerce and wearable tech are just a couple areas where entrepreneurs have been innovating.


Now another big trend is emerging in tech. SV Angel, an early stage investor in hundreds of startups, says it's going to start investing heavily in a "Health Informatics," the intersection of biology and software.

The firm's partner David Lee says he'll be looking for startups that are working on ways to diagnose and cure diseases. He's also eager to invest in startups who are working to improve patient care and medical research.

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A few startups that already exist in the space are Flatiron Heath, which is working on a data platform for oncology, and Sherpaa, which provides companies with affordable health care and round-the-clock access to doctors.

"The catalyst of this trend is the cheap, abundant data of two types - medical and molecular data," writes Lee. "Cheap, abundant data combined with new ways of measurement and analysis leads to technological breakthroughs."


Lee is also a cancer survivor, so he's especially eager to see technology tackle medical issues.

"I believe that great software companies in the mold of Google, PayPal and Palantir will help make cancer a chronic condition and quite possibly, cured," he says.