The Russian maker of the AK-47 built a Soviet-style electric car it says can rival Tesla

Kalashnikov electric car 2The car from the front, August 2018.Kalashnikov Concern Media

  • The makers of the world's most famous rifle, the AK-47, have shown off a concept electric car they say can rival Telsa.
  • Russian company Kalashnikov launched the Soviet-style CV-1 at the Army 2018 military exposition in Moscow.
  • Kalashnikov told Russian news outlet RBK on Thursday that they expect it to "keep up" with Tesla.
  • It can run for about 217 miles according to the company, reaching 60 mph in six seconds. 

The Russian company behind the AK47 launched an electric car at a Moscow military expo on Tuesday - and claim it can rival Elon Musk's Tesla.

Kalashnikov said they've based the design of the new CV-1 on a 1970s Soviet hatchback, the IZh 2125 "Kombi" - and it couldn't be more different from the futuristic Tesla range with which it wants to compete.

The car's specifications, according to the company website, include a battery capacity of 90 kW per hour, 220 kW of power, and a cruising range of 217 miles (350 km). 

Here's a video by Kalashnikov's showing off the car:

They say the car goes from 0 to 62 mph in 6 seconds. The CV-1 is still in the concept phase, and Kalashnikov haven't suggested a launch date or a price.

They launched the brand-new model at the international forum "Army-2018," which is a showcase of 28,000 military items from 1,500 companies.

Kalashnikov electric car 3The car from the front, August 2018.Kalashnikov Concern Media

Kalashnikov electric carThe CV-1 electric car from behind, August 2018.Kalashnikov Concern Media

When Russian news outlet RBK asked the Kalashnikov spokesperson how the CV-1 was better than a Tesla "she could not name the specific advantages of the Kalashnikov car," they reported.

Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofia Ivanova also told RBC: "The car is competing with Tesla because it's currently a successful electric vehicle project. We expect to at least keep up with it."

Here's a video by Kalashnikov's showing off the car:

The company also brought out a weird golden military robot at the expo.

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