There Are Already A Ton Of Apps For Google Glass


Google Glass isn't even officially out yet, but apps for the Internet-connected eyewear are popping up all over the web.


Google officially only offers five apps: Google+, Gmail, Google Now, The New York Times, and Path.

But that's not stopping early Glass adopters from creating their own apps.

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"Google hasn't provided an official channel for app discovery (yet - there's a lot of speculation about the role of Google Play)," Chris Maddern, a Google Glass Explorer and creator of AppsForGlass, told Business Insider via email. "And as we've seen in mobile it's one of the big challenges with any new, growing platform and so we want to help with that right from the beginning - who knows if there'll be a need for the platform in a year once Google has a comprehensive distribution and discovery strategy."

So for now, Glass Explorers like Maddern are stepping up to provide easy discovery of apps for early Google Glass users. Other than AppsForGlass, there's a handful of other websites aimed to make it easier to find apps for Glass.


Official or unofficial, all of the apps are free and don't include any advertisements. Most of the apps are pretty easy to install through Google's Mirror API, though some require a bit more technical expertise.