These are the paint colors that make you happiest, according to Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

Amy Sussman/AP

Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra - the wellness guru who rose to fame after his 1993 appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey" show - says that certain colors can elevate or lower your happiness.

Soft shades of cool colors - like blues, greens, and violets - promote calmness and lower stress levels, Chopra tells Business Insider.
"There are colors that are calming, and there are colors that are stimulating," he says.

That's especially true when they cover the walls of your home, so Chopra recommends avoiding warm, bold colors, like bright red or orange.

"When you get into orange and red, those colors excite both mood and biology," he says.

For the past seven years, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic (a medical center in Ohio), Chopra has studied how people's environments influence their moods. Even the colors you surround yourself with can affect how you feel, he says.

Chopra is designing seven units in a Miami apartment complex, set to open in 2019, with this color philosophy in mind. The condos' walls will feature muted colors, including cream, light blue, and tea green.Other studies back up Chopra's ideas about the significance of color. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that shades of blue promote communication, trust, and efficiency. Another study by professors at the University of Rochester suggests that the color green facilitates creativity, positivity, harmony, and balance.

Some research has also shown that bright-colored interiors are harder to sell - so think twice before painting your home's walls a loud orange.

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