This May Be Our Best Look Yet At Samsung's Next Galaxy Smartphone



GSM Arena

The alleged Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung may be preparing to release a new Galaxy smartphone with a more durable and premium build.


The Korean smartphone maker has been rumored to release a metal-built smartphone called the Galaxy F for months, and now a new report claims to show what the device might look like.

The new photo published by GSM Arena doesn't reveal too much, but it does clearly show a metal frame outlining the edges of the phone.

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It sort of looks like the metal rim on the iPhone.

Don't expect a completely aluminum-crafted phone like the HTC One, however.


GSM Arena reports that although the Galaxy F's frame will be metal, it will still come with a plastic removeable back like Samsung's previous smartphones.

This contradicts previous rumors and leaks that implied the Galaxy F could come with a premium spun-metal back instead of plastic.

The phone is expected to be very similar to the Galaxy S5 with the exception of its metal edges. We expect to learn more when Samsung makes an official announcement.

The company usually unveils a handful of new phones and devices at the IFA conference in Berlin, so it's possible we'll get a glimpse of the Galaxy F in September.