This Netflix trick helps you pick the perfect movie for whatever mood you are in



If you are someone who has vastly different tastes in movies or TV shows based on your mood, there is a simple trick that can make Netflix a whole lot more enjoyable.

It hinges on the fact that Netflix allows you to select up to five different profiles for your account. This feature seems to be primarily meant for families who don't want to get each other's tastes in movies muddled up. But it can work equally well as a way to build profiles for your different personalities or moods.

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Gizmodo pointed out one prime example, which was posted by Twitter user Mike Ginn. He created two profiles for himself: Mike and Drunk Mike.


This trick will require a bit of time to get going, as you have to build up enough watching history with each profile for Netflix to get a sense of what movies you only like when you have had a few drinks - or whatever state you choose.

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