Today’s top tech news: The Cricket World Cup vs IPL on Hotstar, Indian IT firms vs H-1B visas and Modi vs cash withdrawals

Cricket lovers watching India vs Australia ICC world cup cricket match on TV screen in Patna BCCL

  • In the face of rising H-1B visa rejections, Indian IT firms may take steps to start acquiring companies in the US to continue providing services to their American clients.
  • If you withdraw more than ₹1 million in cash in a year, then there might a new tax on the horizon that you need to know about.
  • India loves cricket but viewership numbers on Hotstar show that it may love the Indian Premier League (IPL) more than it likes to watch the Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • Amazon, Google and Facebook are the top three trusted brands in India. Facebook makes it to third place despite the many privacy and data concerns around the social networking giant.
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