What you need to know in advertising today

What you need to know in advertising today

Tim Cook


Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been sharply critical of Facebook of late for its widespread collection of data on consumers.


On Monday, at the company's WWDC developer conference in San Jose, Cook's company followed up his words with some pointed actions that are designed to limit some of that data collection by Facebook and other operators of online ad networks.

Some of the new features will allow users to block Facebook and other ad network operators from tracking their movements on the web.

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Other features will allow users to limit the time they spend with particular apps, or control the notifications they get from them.

To read more about Apple's new features, click here.


In other news:

"Silicon Valley has never really understood kids": A European tech startup is trying to take advantage of YouTube's stumbles in the children's market.The UK tech startup SuperAwesome is trying to build an ecosystem for brands to target kids on the web while avoiding privacy pitfalls.

"We've never been in the data business": Apple said it never took information from Facebook. Apple CEO Tim Cook made the statement responding to a New York Times report that Facebook had allowed 60 phone manufacturers access to people's data, including Apple, to NPR on Monday.

Washington state is suing Facebook and Google for failing to disclose who has been buying online political ads since 2013. The two companies have recently pledged to create online archives of political ads so people can see who's trying to persuade them to vote.

Twitter has disbanded its live-video business unit responsible for deals with programming partners like Disney/ESPN, MLB and BuzzFeed, Variety reported. The unit will be consolidated under its content-partnerships team.


YouTube is reportedly restricting LGBT videos and even adding anti-LGBT ads to some videos, according to The Verge. Trans creator Chase Ross said he struggles with age verification and demonetisation on his videos on a regular basis.