YouTube Stars Will Interview Obama After The State Of The Union


Bethany Mota white house


Bethany Mota snapping a selfie at the White House

A cadre of YouTube stars including teenage makeup artist Bethany Mota, comedian GloZell and self-proclaimed geek vlogger Hank Green will interview President Obama about concerns facing them and their audiences, YouTube announced today in a video.


"Mr. Obama! My subscribers want to know… who's your favorite YouTube creator?" Mota says to the camera before posing for a selfie in the White House.

The three mention topics they plan to discuss with the leader of the free world such as education, the lack of jobs for college graduates, the economy, racial profiling, net neutrality, unemployment, and whether the president prefers peanut butter or jelly.

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Obama will sit down with all three stars separately 48 hours after his State of the Union address on January 28th. According to BuzzFeed, the interviews will take place on individual sets that Google will build at the White House.

Questions posed to the president will be sourced through social media and users can submit their queries by posting with the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama.


It's clear the interviews are targeted toward younger, more digitally savvy constituents. The three YouTube artists have a combined 13.8 million subscribers on the platform and their audiences all skew young.

Youtubers obama


YouTube celebrities meet with President Obama in March 2014

This is also not the first time Obama has invited YouTubers into his hallowed halls. Tyler Oakley famously met with the president back in March. Though the interview was not fully recorded, he posted a recap of the event to his YouTube page titled, "My Gossip Session With Obama." Youtubers Alphacat, Nice Peter, Hannah Hart and more also attended the meeting.

The White House has also previously worked with Google to get their message out by conducting interviews with Google staff and hosting Google+ hangouts with voters around the country following Obama's 2013 State of the Union.

Watch the full announcement here.