Apple Care for the $10,000 Apple Watch may be insanely expensive


Apple watch


Apple may charge a mind-blowing amount of money for Apple Care for its $10,000 Apple Watch, according to the latest report from 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.


Apple could charge up to $999 for the Apple Watch Edition's Apple Care+ Protection Plan, reports Gurman, which would include an extra year of 24/7 support and coverage for two incidents of accidental damage.

Out of the box, the Apple Watch Edition already includes two years of 24/7 support and a special setup hotline.

The Apple Care plans for the less expensive Apple Watches will add a second year of around-the-clock assistance and support for two incidents of accidental hardware damage. These plans, however, will cost between $59 and $79 according to Gurman.

It's unclear exactly why the plan for Apple's high-end watch may cost so much more. The main differences between the two plans, based on Gurman's report, is three years of 24/7 coverage instead of two. Gurman notes that the pricing equals about 10% of the product's base cost, which is what Apple charges for Apple Care for its $2,999 Mac Pro.


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