Disney predicted the future of transportation in 1958 and was eerily correct on a lot of things


Disney transportation

YouTube/Arjan N

From electric cars to the Hyperloop, there's a lot of innovation going on in transportation these days. But many of the engineering marvels we are just beginning to see were actually predicted a long time ago by none other than Walt Disney.


At the end of a 1958 Disneyland episode "Magic Highway USA," Disney introduces a segment that he describes as "a realistic look at the road ahead and what tomorrow's motorists can expect in the years to come."

In the segment, the narrator describes futuristic concepts like tube travel and autonomous vehicles.

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While the ideas probably sounded farfetched at the time, a lot of Disney's predictions actually came true or are on their way to becoming a reality.

Here's a look at some of the most bold predictions Disney presented - some that are here today and some that we may still see in the future.