Here's how the Apple Watch will dominate the smartwatch market

Apple held its big Apple Watch media event on Monday, where the company offered more details about its first-generation smartwatch that's finally going on sale next month. Even though Apple will offer the Watch in a variety of models and prices - starting at $350 and topping out at $17,000 - BI Intelligence believes Apple's smartwatch will still dominate the smartwatch category over the next five years.

Based on estimates charted for us by BI Intelligence, one out of every 20 iPhone owners are expected to own an Apple Watch by the end of this year, but the Apple Watch will account for 40% of all smartwatch shipments in 2015. BI Intelligence believes the Apple Watch will peak in market share in 2017, grabbing about 48% of the market, before adoption slows down over the next two years. Notably, BI Intelligence believes the Apple Watch will kickstart the overall market, but at a higher entry-level price tag than its competitors, rival smartwatch makers will offer cheaper watches with comparable features by 2020.

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