Instagram Isn't Just A Fast-Growing Social Network, It's Also Getting People To Stick Around




Instagram has seen its user base grow incredibly fast, especially since Facebook bought the visual-focused social network back in early 2012.


But Instagram isn't just succeeding at getting more people to join up. Users are also proving to be especially engaged by the app and spend an outsized amount of time scrolling their photo and video stream.

In fact, Instagram actually beat Twitter back in early 2013 in the time spent on the site on desktop and smartphone combined. That's despite Twitter still having a larger user base. By now, Instagram's lead for time-spend is likely even wider.

In a recent report, BI Intelligence calculates an Engagement Index for top major social networks and compares their performance in terms of time-spend per-user on desktop and mobile. How much time users spend on each social network and how engaged and interactive they are with content there are increasingly important ways of evaluating the sites, both for the social networks themselves and for businesses and advertisers looking at where to devote time and resources.

BI Intelligence also looks at how the different top activities on social media - photo-sharing, status updates, etc. - are indexing in terms of activity, and which sites drive the highest volume in each category.


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Newcomer Networks Time_Spend


Here are some of our findings on social engagement:

  • Social is now the top internet activity: Americans now spend more time on social media than on any other major Internet activity, including email.
  • Social-mobile rules: 60% or so of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets.
  • Facebook has a monster lead in engagement: Facebook is a terrific absorber of audiences' time and attention, with an exponential lead over the other social networks. Instagram comes in second and Twitter third on desktop and smartphone combined.
  • Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn have made major successful pushes in 2013 to increase engagement on their mobile sites and apps. The new race in social media is not for audience per se, but for multi-device engagement.
  • Multi-device social media: Our analysis is based on BI Intelligence's social media Engagement Index, which compares the effectiveness of social networks in keeping individual users engaged across smartphones and desktop PCs (for an explanation of the Index, sign up for instant access to BI Intelligence).

The report is full of charts and data that can be easily downloaded and put to use.

In full, the report:


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