Know how you can deliver timeless experiences through your mobile apps

Not many years ago, when smartphones were not so common and mobile apps were non-existent, great consumer experiences used to be delivered through brick-and-mortar stores. However, ever since smartphone revolution took place, mobility and mobile apps suddenly became the ‘elixir’ that ‘product’ companies were looking for. No wonder, “73% of global CIOs believe mobility will impact their business more than the Internet.” 1

But do you know what happens when a mobile app fails:
· 25% of users abandon the mobile after just three seconds of delay
· 48% of users are less likely to use the app again

· 34% will switch to a competitor and are less likely to return

So, how doorganisations ensure that their mobile apps never dissatisfy their consumers? Well, the infographics below has all the answers. Check it out!

1Accenture, Mobility Insights Report 2014