LEAKED: It looks like Apple hasn't given up on the iPod just yet


screen shot 2015 07 01 at 10 02 53 am


The new iPod colors.


If you think Apple has abandoned the iPod, think again.

New iPod colors are hidden in the latest version of iTunes, reports 9to5Mac. The images depict gold, dark blue, and dark pink versions of the iPod, which are all colors Apple currently doesn't offer.

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The leaked colors were found in the new version of iTunes after someone plugged in a new iPod to sync it with their music. Instead of the current iPod colors, a picture of new, unreleased iPods showed up.

The iPod is certainly due for an update, so it doesn't come as a surprise that Apple is working on new models. The iPod touch hasn't been updated since June 2014, and the iPod mini and iPod nano haven't seen a refresh since September 2013.


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