Nashik constituency result for Vidhan Sabha Election 2019

Nashik constituency result for Vidhan Sabha Election 2019

The Lok Sabha constituency of Nashik has six Vidhan Sabha seats in it comprising of Sinnar, Nashik East, Nashik Central, Nashik West, Deolali, and Igatpuri. The Deolali seat is meant for SC candidates and the Igatpuri seat is earmarked for ST candidates. The rest are contestable by general candidates.

For the assembly polls scheduled in October 2019, Shiv Sena is fielding Yogesh Gholap from the Deolali constituency. From the Igatpuri seat, Shiv Sena’s Nirmala Gavit will take on Hiraman Khoskar of INC. The Nashik Central contestants include INC’s Shahu Sahadevrao Khaire and BJP’s Sau Devyani Farande. BJP is fielding Sau Seema Hire from the Nashik West seat.

All the assembly constituencies of Maharashtra will go for a single phase polling on October 21, 2019. The votes will be counted on October 24, 2019.

Nashik constituency’s present MP is Godse Hemant Tukaram of SHS party. He secured 187,336 more votes than the NCP candidate Chhagan Bhujbal and won from his seat in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

In the 2014 assembly elections, SHS candidate Rajabhau (Parag) Prakash Waje won from the Sinnar constituency by securing 20554 votes more than the runner contestant of BJP Kokate Manikrao Shivaji. From the Nashik East seat, BJP’s Balasaheb Mahadu Sanap became the MP pushing back the SHS candidate Chandrakant (Raju Anna) Pandurang Lavte by 46374 votes. The winner from the Nashik Central seat was Farande Devayani Suhas of BJP who got 28272 votes more than Vasant (Bhau) Nivrutti Gite of MNS. The Nashik West constituency winner was BJP’s Hiray Seema Mahesh (Seematai) and he scored 29670 votes more than SHS contestant Badgujar Sudhakar Bhika. The Deolali (SC) winner was Gholap Yogesh(Bapu) Babanrao of SHS who overtook BJP’s Sadafule Ramdas Dayaram(Baba) by 28171seats. The sitting MP of Igatpuri (ST) is Gaveet Nirmala Ramesh of INC who got 10377 more votes than SHS candidate Zhole Shivram Shankar.