Keep a track of the last Rupee in your account with these five mobile apps

Keep a track of the last Rupee in your account with these five mobile apps

With advancement in technology and digitisation, almost everything is right on the fingertips. From stock market data to traffic updates or digital payments — mobile applications eased the hassle of keeping a daily check on routine activities.

Here are five apps that can manage and track and curb the daily expenses — from pointless shopping to office spends.


Mint, previously known as Mint Bills focuses on managing the expenses through reminders on bill payments, and helping with transactions. It maintains the user’s credit score precisely and updates it in real time.

In addition to this, the app helps organise daily expenditure in the form of charts and graphs for easy understanding.


This app lets the user track daily expenses and prepares a budgetary plan accordingly. The budget plan is a way to monitor the cash flow.

This includes grocery expenses, transportation and dining out expenses, among others.

The app also works without an internet connection. It shows the spending habits in a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly pattern. It lets the user set up alerts for bills and payments. And it can be secured with a passcode.


The app provides you with the ease of availing loans before running out of cash. It lets the user compare and apply for loans and credit cards, instantly. It compares the interest rates on education loans, home loans and others. The app also features gold and silver rates across India and maintains credit scores.

Expense Manager

The app records a user’s daily expenses and lets them set monthly reminders for bills and payments. It creates a financial calendar of the expenditure against income. It records spending across currencies and sends weekly and monthly records.


Monefy is easiest way to track expenses because of its in a user-friendly interface and graphical representation. The app shows all categories of expense in a coloured chart along with percentage expenditure against them. The user can tap on the specific areas for a detailed review of the spending.

It works for multiple currencies and can be synchronised with cloud storage — Google Drive, Dropbox etc.