Creative Galileo's kids learning app 'Little Singham' hits million downloads in six months

Creative Galileo's kids learning app 'Little Singham' hits million downloads in six months
New Delhi, 'Little Singham: Kids Early Learning App' which was launched last year by Creative Galileo has hit a million downloads in just six months with an average rating of 4.70.

This educational app is a paradigm shift from traditional teaching practices and is targeted towards children from ages of three to eight years to teach them about colours, numbers, shapes, phonics, etc.

Delivered via extremely engaging storylines of Little Singham and his friends, Babli, Lattu, Hawaldar Karate, and many others, this app helps to inculcate values of friendship, kindness, helpfulness, and morality in kids.

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What is making the app a favourite among kids and adults is the use of cartoon character of Little Singham, whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

Designed to make learning fun and embedded with a phonic program, the app gives kids access to thousands of educational videos, audiobooks and interactive games.


The clutter-breaking app has been developed by experts from the world of Education with an award-winning curriculum that focuses on six key domains: Language and Literacy; Numeracy; Discovery of the World; Motor Skills; Creative Expression; and Cognitive Development.

Talking about the app, founder Prerna Jhunjhunwala, said: "Traditionally, education and fun were supposed to be two things that are complete opposite of each other but we believe that when the children are having fun then they are more interested in learning. Our carefully curated content brings together the best of education and entertainment.

"A million downloads of 'Little Singham: Kids Learning App' proves that parents and children are hungry for content that holistically targets the learning of the children via unconventional teaching methods. A kids app that meets the end to end needs of parents and children".

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