Here’s how to use Google Maps new feature to manage your profile

Most avid users of Google Maps are als, whom Google calls ‘Local Guides’. As a Local Guide, you can review places that you visited, review them and upload pictures.

Google’s rolling out the ability for you to manage and edit your profiles within the Google Maps app.

Until now, all you could do from within the Google Maps app was check on your Google Local Guides points. After the update, you will also be able to change your name, profile and bio. It gives you more control over how others view your contributions.


Here’s how to use the new Google Maps feature to edit your Google profile:

1. The left-side menu on Google Maps will have a tab labeled ‘Your Profile’.
2. On selecting that tab, your profile will open. If your phone has the new update you’ll be able to see three options: Contribute, Edit Profile, and Profile Settings.
3. Selecting ‘Edit Profile’ will allow you change your picture and bio.
4. Selecting ‘Profile Settings’ will allow you to choose whether or not your review or the contributions show up with you profile. There’s an option to hide your contributions without losing points. The review will still show up on the place’s listing with your name, but it won’t show up on your profile page.

5. ‘Profile Settings’ also gives you the option to opt-out of having your profile visible to businesses.

Keep in mind that not everyone will get Google Maps new feature at the same time. It’s a remotely pushed change, so just updating the app won’t ensure that you the feature. It’s also only being offered to Android users for now. Google has not indicated when it plans to roll out the same for iOS users.