Experience Gaming on iPhone with your XBox/PS4 controller

How to connect your gaming controller to the iPhonePxhere
Gaming over your phone or tablet is much more convenient than over any other screen. Not only is it easy to carry around it’s on the go and convenient to handle. You always keep it by your side and making games available on the phone is as easy as it could be.

However, one needs those colour buttoned controllers; gaming consoles, to truly experience the game in all its action! Until now it wasn’t possible to connect your phone with the controller.

Here’s the good news! The new update of iPhone has made this wish come true. You can now connect your iPhone and iPad with the gaming console!


Here’s how you can do it:

1. Make sure your phone is updated
Keeping your devices up to date is important. It also comes with certain perks. iOS 13 has a recent update for this feature and you’ll need to update your phone’s software in order to connect your controller with the phone.

2. Next step for PS4;
Press PS and Share button simultaneously. Look out for these buttons on your controller. If required, check the manual to know where they’re located. Then, hold them until the light starts blinking.

Next step for XBox;
Similar to PS4, for the XBox, search out and hold the ‘Connect’ button for three seconds.

3. Steps for your iPhone
Now coming to the settings in your phone/tablet.

Go to Settings and head to Bluetooth.


Then, look out for your controller and pair with it.

And you’re connected! Simply click open your game and enjoy the high definition features along with the console and make the most of the real-time graphics!