10 things in tech: Amazon acquires MGM, Google's mega-campus, UberPool's demise

10 things in tech: Amazon acquires MGM, Google's mega-campus, UberPool's demise
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1. Amazon is acquiring MGM for $8.45 billion. The purchase, announced yesterday, could expand Amazon Prime's inventory to include MGM's big-name movies and TV shows - including James Bond, "Legally Blonde," "Robocop," and much more. Here's what is - and isn't - included in the deal.

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2. Google got the go-ahead to build a mega-campus in San Jose. The project, "Downtown West," will cover 80 acres and offer thousands of offices, houses, and shops. Check it out here.

3. Amazon is considering the launch of physical pharmacies. Amazon Pharmacy's leaders have discussed using Whole Foods locations and creating stand-alone sites. More on its potential in-person pharmacies.


4. Bill Gates' money manager Michael Larson is accused of making racist and sexist comments. Larson reportedly told a Black employee she lived 'in the ghetto.' More about the eye-popping claims from former coworkers here.

5. Video game stocks are primed to be the next hot trade for millennials. A research firm said video game companies are gaining popularity with retail investors, with the signal coming from more people buying shares of game platform Roblox. Why video games are gaining popularity.

6. Poparazzi, a photo app that bans selfies, is blowing up. The app topped the free apps chart on the Apple's US App Store after its debut on Monday. Here's how the app works.

7. BlackBerry's shares jumped 12% amid cheers from Redditors. Redditors used rocket ship emojis, indicating their sentiment that the stock price will "go to the moon" (here's what that means). A look at BlackBerry's rally.

8. GameStop is building an NFT platform to transform itself into the Amazon of gaming. GameStop said it was recruiting engineers, designers, gamers, marketers, and community leaders to build out the platform. More on that here.


9. A former Microsoft board member says she was asked to resign after disagreeing with CEO Satya Nadella. After a conference for women in tech where Nadella said women should rely on "karma" to get a raise, Maria Klawe pushed back - and then was asked to step down. How Microsoft made Klawe feel "silenced."

10. UberPool, one of Uber's cheapest ride services, will be more expensive and operate in fewer cities. Uber suspended the ultra-cheap shared ride service last year when COVID-19 hit. Now, UberPool will be almost unrecognizable, with no big discounts and limited routes. Here's why.

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