Google announced Android 13 Beta at I/O 2022: Here’s what’s new

Google announced Android 13 Beta at I/O 2022: Here’s what’s new

  • The beta version of Android 13 will let you try out many features before official release.
  • Android 13 to add more features for foldable phones and tablets.
  • Find out what’s new with Android 13 Beta.
At Google I/O 2022, we got a detailed look at Android 13. The OS was announced back in February but at this I/O event, the company revealed its key features. Android 13 Beta will be soon available to Pixel devices with some additional changes. Currently, the beta is available on a range of popular devices, including Asus, Google Pixel, Lenovo, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, and Tecno.

What’s new?
The Android 13 comes with an updated new permission setting to control apps sending you notifications. It brings improved permission settings for pairing with nearby devices. It has all-new ‘Material You’ design language elements that allow you to match app icon colours with themes and pre-app language selection along with other new customisation options.

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Android 13 also brings new enhancements for foldable phones and tablets. It includes a quick setting panel, new notifications settings and more. Other additions include support for Bluetooth LE Audio.

Granular controls for privacy and security
Android 13 will give control to users to choose between ‘Photos and Videos’ and ‘Music and Audio’ when an app asks for permission to access files. Earlier, the setting was limited to ‘Files and media’ that allowed app to access internal storage. Also, Android 13 will show alerts whenever an app access something in the background.

More optimisation for tablets
For tablets, Android 13 is introducing more multitasking options. With a newly updated taskbar, users can easily switch between apps and drop any app from the library onto the home screen. In addition, users can run two apps side-by-side in a split-screen view.

Here’s how to download Android 13 Beta on your phone
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