Google just announced its new flagship phone, the $799 Pixel 4

Google just announced its new flagship phone, the $799 Pixel 4

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With the countless leaks in the last few weeks, you might have thought Google had already announced its new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL flagship smartphones, but the company made the phones official and filled in all the missing details at its big event Tuesday.

Combined with Google's own teasers in the last few months, the incessant leaks that ranged from high-resolution photos to full video reviews from Vietnamese tech YouTubers left very little room for surprises.

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Regardless, there's nothing like fully confirmed and official details, so here's everything you need to know about Google's Pixel 4 smartphones.

The Pixel 4 phones have a design that hearkens back to the Pixel 2 with a large top bezel "forehead." That forehead is where Google is storing its "Soli" advanced radar-based facial recognition that can scan your face faster than any other phone, Google said.


The Soli sensors can also be used for motion gesture controls for a limited number of applications, at least for now. So far, controls include skipping songs, snoozing alarms, and silencing phone calls by waving your hands.

The Pixel 4 phones have smooth and fluid 90Hz screens. On other phones with 90Hz screens, like the OnePlus 7-series smartphones, it gives off the impression that the phone is faster and more powerful.

The Pixel 4 phone have a dual-lens camera system. One for regular photos, and the other lens is for zoomed photos.

Google made plenty of improvements to its Pixel cameras with the new live HDR+, "learning" white balance, wider range for portrait modes, and further improvements on the already-incredible Night Sight.

Google Assistant got a "clean, new interface" and looks sleeker and more integrated with the phone. It looks like it's part of the Pixel 4 rather than a separate entity.


The Pixel 4 starts at $799; the Pixel 4 XL starts at $899. It's available for pre-order today, and will be widely available on October 24.

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