The Apple Card's best feature is also its biggest flaw

The Apple Card's best feature is also its biggest flaw


If you perform a Google search for "Apple Card," the top result will be a link to Apple's website telling you the card was "created by Apple, not a bank."

That might leave you wondering why Apple so badly wants you to know that its credit card was designed by a technology company and not a financial institution, especially during an era in which public distrust of large tech firms seems to be higher than ever.

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But if there's one thing Apple wants you to know about the Apple Card, it's that it was designed by Apple, a company that knows a thing or two about mobile software design and how people interact with apps. A company that was credited with inventing the modern smartphone back in 2007 - and whose business most certainly relies on making sure you continue using that smartphone and all of the features, accessories, and services that go along with it. That undoubtedly is a large part of Apple's motivation to enter the personal finance space to begin with.

That approach is also what gives the Apple Card an edge over some rivals - the notion that anyone who has ever signed up for an email account can probably figure out how to apply for and use an Apple Card. Everything from activating your physical card to paying your balance relies on your iPhone, making the card feel as secure and familiar to use as any other Apple device.


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But that's also the Apple Card's biggest hindrance. Sure, having a credit card that lives on your phone in a digital wallet is ideal for convenience and security. Yet it also makes the experience of using the Apple Card more limiting than other options, especially when it comes to paying your balance, managing your card, and the rewards you get.