This on-demand vet service is a great alternative for New York City pet owners


VetEasy Zelda getting rabies shot .JPG

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

Watching my cat get a shot wasn't fun, but it was better than visiting a vet's office.

Raising a cat in New York City is no walk in the park. I have two.

Aside from the struggle of finding a pet-friendly apartment to rent, there's the challenge of hauling food and litter home with no car. But the real test comes when I need to take one (or both) of my cats to the vet. Between getting them into a cat carrier, hailing a cab, possibly being rejected from said cab because of my animal accessories, and then panicking about my cat-child's emotional state, it really has become a chore I dread.

That's why I jumped at the chance to use VetEasy - a house call veterinary service that offers general wellness visits and in-home vaccinations for Manhattan pet owners.