Twitter's Jack Dorsey: 'I Learn A Lot From Justin Bieber'


At the NYU Entrepreneur Festival tonight, Jack Dorsey, the founder of payments company Square and information network Twitter, spoke about the importance of design and having products resonate with people.


At Square, all of those tiny details of the experience really add up, Dorsey says. They're the details that people don't perceive naturally, but they're the ones that that they remember.

Dorsey pointed to the power of pop music and Justin Bieber to bring home his point.

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"A lot of people my age and maybe my gender write him off, but Justin Bieber is an amazing artist because he has this deep, deep, deep soul about him where he has tapped into something that is just essential to humans and can speak about it and sing about it and it resonates with people," Dorsey said.

"The concept of a pop song, a lot of us write off as it’s just sugar and candy and it’s superficial and meaningless, but they’ve found something that resonates with a huge majority of lot of people," he added.


The next step is applying that to things like ideas and companies, Dorsey says.

“I learn a lot from pop and pop songs and Justin Bieber," Dorsey said.

Bieber is the top Twitter user at present, with 35 million followers.