VOTE NOW: What Are The World's Best Business Schools?


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Harvard came in at No. 1 on last year's list of the World's Best Business Schools.

A master's in business can provide a world-class education, a global network of contacts, and the job of your dreams, but before you drop $150,000 - or more - on an MBA, you want to give great thought to where you want to go.

Many business schools have comparable high-quality classes, worldly professors, and access to the most exclusive professional networking groups, but when it comes to assessing the value of a business school, the only thing that really matters is how the school will help your future career.

Our business schools survey measures the impact that a business degree from each of these schools has on potential employers.


Last year Harvard made the top of our list of the World's Best Business Schools, with Stanford at No. 3, Cornell at No. 6, and Cambridge University at No. 8, to name a few.

But have things changed? Take the survey below and tell us. Please only take this survey if you have an MBA or if you have experience hiring and managing people with MBAs.