10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning


Mark Zuckerberg


Good morning! It's going to be sunny and pretty warm (low 80s) here in New York. Let's look at the news.


  1. Facebook delivered strong earnings that sent the stock to all-time highs in after-hours trading. It beat expectations on the top and bottom line. The company is just executing really well right now.
  2. On the earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said photos are out and messages are in: "There's only so many photos you want to share."
  3. We got an interview with Cisco's CEO and it's really good. He talks about everything from firing people to buying companies to why he cries a lot.
  4. Yahoo shareholder Eric Jackson makes a pretty persuasive case that Alibaba should buy Yahoo ahead of its IPO.
  5. Once-hot check-in app Foursquare relaunched itself with a new logo and a new direction. It's ditching the check-in and going all in on being a Yelp-like service.
  6. Apple is getting closer to doing some sort of mobile wallet this fall. It's long been rumored, but now it's actually looking like it might happen. Apple plans to use NFC in the phone and install hardware in stores.
  7. Apple is also reportedly planning a new MacBook Air with a high resolution screen for the fall.
  8. Everyone was talking about this Kickstarter project called Sense, which tracks your sleep. There's an egg looking thing that sits on your nightstand to track conditions in the room, and then a little button you clip to your pillow to track how you're resting. It's all tied together with an app.
  9. Apple's decision to not sell a low-cost iPhone is looking brilliant right now.
  10. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said there would be "one Windows" from Microsoft, but what he actually meant to say was that there will be one team working on many different versions of Windows.