Apple Designer Jony Ive Explains What Steve Jobs Taught Him About Making Great Products


jony ive and steve jobs


Jony Ive and Steve Jobs.

Apple's design boss Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson curated a collection of products they'll auction off at Sotheby's for U2 singer Bono's AIDs charity, (RED).


There are a bunch of cool things in the collection like gold-plated Apple earpods and a modified Leica camera, each designed by Ive or Newson. To promote the collection, Ive and Newson sat down with Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning" to talk about their design philosophies.

In a transcript of the conversation given to Business Insider (the video isn't online yet, but we'll embed it when it is), Ive mentions how he and Steve Jobs shared the same intense focus on well-designed products.

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Here's an excerpt of what Ive said when Rose asked him about designing with Jobs:

Yeah, I think it's just part of a much broader picture. And so I think at the highest level, it's to try and make something great. The only way you can do that is to care, you know, to an extraordinary level. And I think many things then testify to that, whether it's how you finish the inside of something, how it's assembled, right away through to how you try to communicate its value and how you package it. But I think certainly one of the things we feel strongly about at Apple is, you know, that commitment to care and to trying to make the very best product that we can.