How to change your iPad name so it's easy to identify your device

How to change your iPad name so it's easy to identify your device

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It's possible to change your iPad name for quick recognition when there are other devices around.


If you have never taken the time to change the name of your iPad, then your iPad is probably known simply as… "iPad." And most of the time, that's not a big deal.

But when someone wants to share an AirDrop file from their phone or tablet and six different iPads pop up in proximity, things get a bit more confusing.

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When you have created a unique name for your iPad, its name will make it instantly recognizable, singled out from all the devices nearby.

Whether you're in the office or out in public, knowing exactly with whom you are about to share a file, or from whom you are accepting one, is not just convenient - it's critical.


So take the 30 seconds and change your iPad name. Here's how to do it.

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How to change your iPad name

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad.

2. Tap the General tab.

3. Tap the word About at the top of the next screen.


Steven John/Business Insider

Click the About tab at the top of the page.


4. Tap the Name tab at the top of the next menu.

5. Use the X icon or just erase the name that's there (likely "iPad") and then enter a new name for the device, ideally one tied to your own name.


Steven John/Business Insider

Change your iPad name to a new one.

6. Tap the word About to save the new name and move back to the previous page.

And that's that, your iPad has been renamed.


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