Someone passed a million volts through the original Nokia 3310 and it survived

Someone passed a million volts through the original Nokia 3310 and it survived

  • A new video on YouTube pits the Nokia 3310 against a smartphone in a “lightning test”
  • The electrical experiment blasts both phones with one million volts of electricity.
  • The Nokia 3310 manages to survive, but the smartphone is rendered useless since its sensors are no longer functional.

The Nokia 3310 was always known for resilience, exhibiting its durability since it was first launched. And it’s doing so again, in 2018. A YouTube video that has recently surfaced, pits the Nokia 3310 against a ‘10-core smartphone’ in a face-off of one million volts.

Posted on Kreosan English, a channel that showcases experiments with electricity and quirky inventions, the Nokia 3310 manages to survive the one million volt charge time and again, while a competing smartphone dies out after a single blow.

The smartphone’s sensor array gets knocked out when subjected to this much electricity, while the Nokia 3310 survives comparatively scot free. Of course, the fact that the 3310 doesn’t have that many sensors or a touch screen display does help. You can see the screens being distorted on both the phones when they’re subjected to the electricity.
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With the touchscreen gone, the smartphone is pretty much rendered useless, while the 3310 still has juice left. Essentially, the 3310 survives this test because of its simplicity and lack of features.

Of course, you’ll never really encounter a million volts in daily life. But just in case you do, perhaps a spare Nokia 3310 is a good idea?