How to use Apple's spam call blocking feature

How to use Apple's spam call blocking feature
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Are you tired of rejecting numerous spam calls every hour? Are you looking for a way to stop getting calls from unknown numbers? If that is the case, then Apple is here bringing some good news in its iOS 13 and later software versions.

Statistics says that there are 26.3 billion estimated robocalls in the US itself in 2018. Imagine how many more there will be in other parts of the world. However, if you own an iPhone, no longer will you be plagued by unknown callers or robocalls. To enable this feature all you have to do is follow a few steps listed below.

1. Download the latest iOS 13
The first step is to check whether you’re iPhone software is updated to it’s latest version or not. If you haven’t updated your iPhone yet to its latest iOS 13, you need to update your software on priority. Having the latest iOS is the necessity to enable this feature because without it you won’t be able to enjoy this feature.
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2. Change your Settings
Once you’re done with the installation and have the newly updated iOS

(i) Go to the ‘Settings’ icon on your home screen

(ii) Scroll down and select the ‘Phone’ option

(iii) In the ‘Phone’ settings, enable ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ but toggling the switch button. That’s it! You’re all set.

Now every time there’s a call from an unknown caller-ID, it’ll directly be sent to Voicemail (if Voicemail is enabled in your country). The caller can either leave a message or just hang up the call. In case they hang up (or your region doesn’t support Voicemail), you’ll still get a Missed Call notification so you can analyse whether that non-caller-id call was important or spam. However, it is essential to take into account that this isn’t ideal for you if you're job is to deal with random customers or if you’re waiting for a job offer. But for those who are sick and tired of those unsolicited calls, this feature is your safety net.

Therefore, if you have an iPhone with an Indian Sim card, with Apple’s Spam-Call-Blocking feature, you’re free to ignore all the calls without a caller-id. No more ‘credit card renewal’ calls, ‘free’ voucher calls, personal loan offers, or promising return on stock market investment. Not only that, this feature is awesome because it is an inbuilt software which prevents you from downloading third-party apps. Thus, you don’t have to pay with your private information in exchange for a little peace of mind.