How we can use voice control feature of iPhone

The iPhone 11Unsplash
The new iOS 13 is out, and it is all the rage. Apple has recently rolled out voice control features in its latest iOS 13 update. In a surprising turn of events, this newest voice control feature doesn’t require the user to depend upon Siri, the voice assistant feature from the older operating systems that has been loved by all.

Here is how you can go about accessing this new feature:

Update to the latest version of iOS


Go to settings, check for a software update and update your phone. After successfully updating the operating system, follow these steps: go to settings -> accessibility -> voice control -> set up voice control. Your iPhone will show you some of the commands you can use. Go ahead and test these commands.

Give the command

Once you have set up the voice control in the settings app, you are all set to give commands. While you are at it, give your fingers some rest. Let your phone perform key functions like opening safari, calling someone, capturing screenshots, etc.


Go home

The home button stopped responding multiple times in the previous iPhones causing inconvenience to the owner. This worry is non-existent now since you can just command and it will take you home without any hassle. This helps you save time as well.

Customize the commands

Commands can be customized as per your needs and requirements. You can decide which commands you want enabled or disabled. It also allows you to dictate a note, email or text. The phone will listen to the dictation and type it out on the screen. With the new voice control feature, we’re bidding goodbye to Siri!

Interact with your device

Simply tell your device to lock the screen, turn up or down the volume or take a screenshot. It helps you save a lot of time by even letting you dictate your message or record a note.

So, the next time you are feeling lazy to do anything or that nobody listens to you, just command your phone and it will not disappoint you.